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Lost or damaged items

Top.Lost items

If you lose an item, you must declare that loss and pay to have the item replaced. Late fees continue to accumulate until the loss of the item is declared.

The total amount owed includes:

  • market value of the item;
  • administrative fees ($3 for a periodical and $10 for any other item);
  • accumulated late fees.

BAnQ reserves the right to assess the need to replace the item.

An item that is not returned within 60 days of the due date is considered lost.

Top.Found items

If you find an item after declaring it lost, BAnQ will refund the amount you paid to replace the item, in addition to the administrative fees, provided that the item is returned in good condition less than a year after being declared lost.

If the item is declared lost after its due date, late fees will be charged when the item is returned.

Top.Damaged items

When an item is returned, its physical condition is checked:

  • book that got wet (water, coffee, juice, tea, wine. etc.);
  • stained book (food, coffee, chocolate, ink, wine, etc.);
  • folded book;
  • pages torn or unstuck;
  • pages written on or missing;
  • animal bites;
  • scratched, lined or cracked CD or DVD;
  • protective plastic torn off from CD or DVD;
  • broken case.

BAnQ evaluates the damage and, if the item is considered beyond repair, you will have to pay for its replacement.

BAnQ reserves the right to assess the need to replace the item.

A damaged item remains the property of BAnQ at all times.