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There are several reasons why you might have difficulty accessing the extranet:

  1. 1. It is possible that you are not connected to the extranet. Here's the procedure for subscribing: in the "Espace professionnel – Services aux éditeurs", click on "Accès à l'extranet". This will bring you to the authentication page. Click on "Comment s'abonner?".
  2. It is possible that you have created a favourite or a shortcut from the authentication page. It is preferable to start from the Espace professionnel home page.
  3. If you use Internet Explorer or Firefox, make sure you have a recent version:
    1. Internet Explorer: versions 7 and up (to find out which version you have, click on the "? About Internet Explorer" menu.
    2. Firefox: versions 20 and up (to find out which version you have, click on the "Firefox – Help – About Firefox" menu).
  4. We suggest that you delete the browsing history and add BAnQ as a trusted site. You will find the procedure in the Guide technique à l'intention des utilisateurs de l'extranet (in French).  
  5. If the problem persists, make a copy of the screen or the error message and send it to extranetediteur@banq.qc.ca.

The extranet identifiers contain eight figures each. They cannot be changed.

  • After a period of 30 minutes of inactivity.
  • As a security measure, you are automatically disconnected from the extranet and the form after 2 hours of use. Simply log in again to re-establish the connection.

Please contact us at: depot@banq.qc.ca

514 873-1101 ext. 3780
1 800 363-9028 (in Québec)

If you have submitted a modification request within the last 48 hours, it is possible that your file is waiting to be processed. If that is not the case, please contact us at:

514 873-1101 poste 3780
1 800 363-9028 (in Québec)

  • It is possible that we have not received them yet.
  • Check to see if they are in the list of titles that have been requested.
  • The titles of serial publications (ex.: newsletters, magazines, annual reports) appear only at the time of the first deposit.

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  • The number of copies to be deposited is based on the unit sale price of the document:
    From $0 to $249.99: two copies.
    From $250 to $5000: one copy.
    Over $5000: depositing the document is optional, but the publisher must complete the legal deposit form.
  • When the retail price of a document varies for different print runs, the publisher deposits one copy of the print run of the document with the highest price and one copy from one of the other print runs.
  • See also the Regulation respecting the legal deposit of published documents other than films.

On the extranet, under "Dépôt légal – Signaler un dépôt". For digital publications, see the "Dépôt de publications numériques" menu. 

Yes. A separate deposit must be made for publications available in more than one language. For example, a French version and an English version will require two deposits.

The publisher must deposit its materials within a maximum of 7 days of the publication date. Please refer to Article 5 of the Regulation respecting the legal deposit of published documents other than films.

The publisher must indicate, on the back of the title page, the legal deposit inscription as follows: Dépôt légal – Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec, current year.

Ex.: Dépôt légal – Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec, 2014.

The first copy is kept in the BAnQ Rosemont–La Petite-Patrie holdings in ideal preservation conditions. The second copy is available for reference on site in the National Collection, located in the Grande Bibliothèque, or the reading room at  BAnQ Rosemont–La Petite-Patrie, depending on the type of publication.

Yes, the legal deposit is required for both institutions. However, if the print run for the document is less than 100 copies, the publisher is only required to deposit a single copy with Library and Archives Canada.

Legal deposit for Library and Archives Canada

The Cataloguing in publication programme (CIP) is a voluntary government programme offered free of charge to Canadian publishers. It serves to catalogue books prior to their publication and ensure rapid dissemination of the bibliographic data to bookstores and libraries. CIP form.

Depositing digital publicationsRetour au menu.Haut

PDF, ePub and MOBI.

No. The deposit form for digital publications includes a section for depositing the paper version. Following this, simply print the acknowledgement of receipt for the digital publication deposit form and include it with the printed copies deposited. Two separate deposits will be created and available in the deposit list and the list of digital publications in your file.

No. Only the digital version has to be deposited, if the publisher wishes (voluntary deposit).

  • Les libraires is the web portal for independent bookstores in Québec. Québec publishers can use it to sell their digital books. Libraries use it to select the number of copies they want to purchase and the number of loans.
  • The books proposed by Rue des libraires come from the Entrepôt du livre numérique ANEL – De Marque.

BAnQ acquires digital publications for lending purposes through other suppliers. The publishers’ publications must be available through these suppliers in order to be selected by libraries. 

LicencesRetour au menu.Haut

  • The licence is a document signed by a publisher and BAnQ.
  • This enables BAnQ to respect the provisions of the Copyright Act concerning the reproduction of digital publications for the purposes of preservation and dissemination.
  • The publisher remains the sole owner of the copyright for the digital publication.
  • The licence covers all of a publisher’s publications.

The publisher obtains greater visibility for its publications through their posting in the Iris catalogue and in Publications numériques du Québec  (PNQ).  

It is possible to grant a licence through the extranet. From the extranet home page, go to "Votre dossier – Licences d’autorisation accordées à BAnQ". Click "Accorder une nouvelle licence d’autorisation".

  • An Internet publication may contain several files. During the archiving stage, operations are performed to facilitate viewing of the document.
  • This enables BAnQ to ensure the permanent preservation of the digital publications deposited. 

  • This means that the publisher may grant the same type of licence to another organization and that the authorization is permanent and not limited in terms of territory.
  • The publisher can always withdraw the authorization granted to BAnQ.

ISBN, ISSNRetour au menu.Haut

The ISBN is a unique number that identifies a publication. It is not compulsory, but it is strongly recommended and often required for books with a large distribution that are available in bookstores. The ISBN prevents confusion between similar titles. It also serves to differentiate between the various formats of a single title. It facilitates various management activities for those working in the book sector. 

For more information, please read the ISBN page.

A private sector publisher can request an ISBN from one to four weeks before the publication goes to press.

A re-print is a new printing of a document that has already been published. The re-printed document does not contain any changes with respect to the text, the title, the form and the presentation format of the original document. The document keeps its original ISBN and no change is required with respect to the publication date. 

A new ISBN is requested for a new edition, namely when the original document has undergone one or more of the following modifications, prior to the new printing: 

  • modification affecting the content, the meaning of the text or the statistics presented;
  • change in the title or new title;
  • different presentation of the same title with or without modifications to the original text.

The ISSN is a unique identification code for serial publications and is assigned by Library and Archives Canada, which can be contacted as follows: 

ISSN Canada
Library and Archives Canada
395 Wellington St.
Ottawa (Ontario)  K1A 0N4
Telephone: 1 866 578-7777 (options 2-7-4)
Fax: 819 997-6209

A bar code can be produced from the ISBN. Generally, you simply transmit the ISBN to the printer, which will create the bar code.

CopyrightRetour au menu.Haut

Copyright must be registered with the Canadian Intellectual Property Office which can be contacted as follows: 

Canadian Intellectual Property Office
Place du Portage 1
50 Victoria St., Room C-114
Gatineau (Québec) K1A 0C9
1 866 997-1936