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How to deposit digital publications


General information

The legal deposit of digital publications will be implemented over the following months. This page will be updated as soon as it comes into effect. It will include all the information you need.

For more information, please read the Québec Ministry of Culture and Communications press release (in French).

Did you know that BAnQ is collecting and preserving a digital heritage? Depositing digital publications is voluntary, yet strongly recommended so as to promote the permanent preservation of Québec's heritage materials.

Since 2001, the Bibliothèque nationale du Québec (now BAnQ) has been acquiring Québec digital materials.  

To date, BAnQ's collection of digital publications includes several thousand titles from several hundred publishers in the government, parapublic and private sectors.

Organizations or publishers that are interested in depositing their commercial digital publications must grant BAnQ a licence.

The licence serves to preserve the publications and, as applicable, make them accessible on the Web, in keeping with the provisions of the Copyright Act. It applies to all of a publisher's digital publications. It should be noted that BAnQ reserves the right to acquire these publications in a selective manner and that the digital publications deposited will be processed in keeping with the institution's priorities.

Two types of licences are available:

  1. Licence for open access digital publications: the publications can be viewed on BAnQ's Web portal;
  2. Licence for limited access digital publications: the publications can be viewed in BAnQ's buildings. Borrowing, printing and downloading are not possible.

Please note: Depositing a digital publication does not replace depositing a hard-copy version, which remains compulsory: if a hard-copy version has been created and circulated, you must deposit two hard copies, even if a digital version is available.  However, if your publication is only circulated in digital format, you must not deposit a hard-copy version.


Benefits of depositing digital publications for publishers

Long-term preservation: the digital publications are archived in a digital warehouse.

Visibility and retrieval:  

Limited dissemination: depending on the licence, the publications may be accessible from secure workstations in BAnQ's facilities (without the possibility of borrowing, printing or downloading).

In order to facilitate the management of deposited materials, the publications deposited with BAnQ are placed in the publisher's file, which can be accessed from the extranet. The deposit form for digital publications includes a section for depositing a hard-copy version, if one exists.


Guidelines for depositing digital publications


For the publication's deposit to be accepted, it must be part of the types of publications subject to legal deposit; some publications are exempt, make sure your publication is not one of them. Your publication must also meet the two following criteria:

  • it must include a set of elements typically present in a publication: a title page, pagination and a publication date, and it must have been the subject of a minimal amount of editing work regarding the language, the layout and the presentation;
  • it must be the subject, on the part of the publisher, of a widespread publication effort, for instance being available on an online sales platform or on a personal Web site, in the same format as the one put forward in the deposit. The circulation must not rely exclusively on the Web portal.


BAnQ accepts materials in the following formats: PDF, ePub and MOBI. 
If the materials only exist in Web programming languages such as HTML, XML, PHP, ASP and so on, go to our Web site harvesting page  to learn more about the selection criteria and to submit your site, if you wish to do so.


The published materials in our digital collection are as they were when they were originally deposited. Once received, these published materials cannot be changed therefore please make sure you are submitting the final version. Unless otherwise indicated, the new versions are considered new editions and are added to the collection as new materials rather than replacing earlier versions.


Note that depositing published materials does not constitute or convey formal copyright registration. Questions about copyright should be addressed to Industry Canada’s Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO) Client Service Centre):
Toll-free within Canada: 1 866 997-1936
International calls: 819 934-0544
Email: cipo.contact@ic.gc.ca


Steps for depositing digital publications

Publishers registered for the extranet

Step 1

  1. Make sure that you have granted a licence to BAnQ.
  2. 2. If you have not granted a licence, log into the extranet. In the "Votre menu" menu, click on "Licences d'autorisation accordées à BAnQ". Select the option "Accorder une nouvelle licence d'autorisation".

Step 2

Complete the electronic deposit form available in the "Dépôt de publication numérique" menu.

Publishers not registered for the extranet

Step 1

You must register for the extranet.

Step 2

You must grant a licence to BAnQ: from the extranet, in the "Votre dossier" menu, click on "Licences d'autorisation accordées à BAnQ". Select the option "Accorder une nouvelle licence d'autorisation".

Are you unable to use the extranet?
Licence - Publications numériques libres d’accès (PDF - in French only)
Licence -  Digital Commercial Publication (PDF)

Step 3

Complete the electronic deposit form available in the "Dépôt de publication numérique" menu.

Publishers registered for the Entrepôt du livre numérique ANEL-De Marque

The deposit may be made directly from this digital book aggregator. This option includes several benefits:

  • there is no need to complete the deposit form;
  • the list of your deposited materials is visible in your file on the extranet.

How to make a deposit from the De Marque aggregator?

Send a request to BAnQ. We will guide you through the rest of the process.



Go to the Depositing digital publications and Licences sections of the FAQ and the Guide technique à l'intention des utilisateurs de l'extranet [PDF - 991 Mb] (in French)

or contact us:

Telephone: 514 873-1101, ext. 6602, or 1 800 363-9028, ext. 3837 (elsewhere in Québec).
Fax: 514 873-4310
Email: pubelectro@banq.qc.ca