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The language and linguistics collection

Come discover the world of languages on Level 2 of the Grande Bibliothèque!

Language and linguistics

Are you writing an important text? Learning another language? You can borrow a great variety of language grammars and dictionaries, including etymological, analogical, synonym and antonym dictionaries or use them for on-the-spot reference. In a collection spanning everything from Le Français au bureau to the Oxford Chinese Dictionary, you'll find the digital and print resources you need to improve your knowledge of French or another language.

In addition, you'll find theoretical works on the history of languages, the origin of words, the evolution of writing systems in the world, and bilingualism.


Top menu.Top Language-learning methods

Near the language laboratory, you'll also find a great variety of learning methods and conversation manuals that you can borrow. There are methods at the beginner, intermediate and advanced levels, on a variety of media (CD-ROM, audio CD, DVD-ROM, audio DVD), from major publishers such as:

  • Assimil
  • Barron's
  • Langues et monde
  • Langues pour tous
  • Random House

Some methods will help you become more proficient in English or French. With others, you can take up less common languages, including Wolof, Icelandic, Esperanto and many others.

Also on Level 2 of the Grande Bibliothèque, you'll find the multilingual collection with some 20,000 documents in languages other than French and English. The collection consists of non-fiction works, classic and popular works of world literature, and a few reference works. At the Grande Bibliothèque, you can also consult journals, magazines and newspapers from around the world, in a variety of languages.


TopHandling and maintenance of materials

In order to ensure optimal use, disks must be handled carefully. If a problem occurs during use, please report it when you return the item to the Grande Bibliothèque.