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Use of computer stations in the Grande Bibliothèque

All library goers wishing to use a computer station or a reader/scanner have to identify themselves by means of their client number and password. This measure does not apply, however, to the Iris catalogue stations, located near the service desks.

This procedure permits to improve management of computer stations and, consequently, of printing of documents and reservations of stations.

To foster better sharing of access to computer stations, the library has implemented a reservation system for some of them.

Questions and answers regarding the use of computer stations

What is a client number?

The client number is an eight-digit number printed on a subscriber’s card. If you aren’t already a subscriber, you can become one by going to the subscription desk, located on the ground floor of the Grande Bibliothèque. Subscribing is free for all Québec residents.

I lost my password. What can I do?

You can ask staff at any service desk in the Grande Bibliothèque for your password.

How long can I use a computer station?

You can use a multimedia or viewing station for a maximum of two hours per day. Once you have begun a session at a workstation, a background window and a timer at the bottom of the screen indicate how much more time you have left.

Why are library goers being asked to identify themselves in order to use computer stations?

The identification procedure is required in order to better manage access to the various functions of the stations, particularly the printing of documents, and the reservation of certain stations. The procedure also ensures better security for the library’s computer network, because it curbs use not in keeping with the User’s code of responsibilities.

I live outside of Québec and am visiting the Grande Bibliothèque. Can I use the computer stations?

Yes. People who do not live in Québec and are visiting Montréal can use a multimedia station at the Grande Bibliothèque the same day for a maximum of one hour. They should go to the information desk of the Grande Bibliothèque and provide proof of identity and proof that they do not live in Québec.