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Floor plan

Collections and services, level by level

The Grande Bibliothèque offers the general public a wide range of services along with its collections and facilities. In each of its six levels and in the reading room of the national collection, you will find a service desk, reference services, worktables, comfortable armchairs, photocopiers, printers and computer stations providing access to the Iris catalogue, electronic resources and the Internet. You can also connect your laptop to a wireless network free of charge to go online.

Collections and services, level by level.


Music and film


History, humanities and social sciences

  1. Music and film
    Viewing stations and room
    Listening stations
    Electronic music rooms
  2. National music collection
  3. Administrative services
  1. Human and social sciences
  2. History, geography and biographies
  3. Study carrels
  4. Government publications
    Journals, magazines and newspapers
    (Québec publications only)

Economics, business, science and technology


Arts and literature, national collection

  1. Economics and business
    Science and technology
    Carrefour Affaires (business connection centre)
    Computer books and software collections
  2. Services Québec 
  3. -
  4. Journals and magazines
  5. Multilingual collection
    Language laboratory
    Collections for newcomers to Québec
    Study carrels
  6. General collections
  1. Arts and literature
  2. National collection (main entrance)
    Saint-Sulpice collection 
  3. Study carrels
  4. Rare books and microforms

Ground floor


Metro level

  1. Information desk
    Assistive services
    Service québécois du livre adapté(adapted book service)
  2. Service desk (for memberships et loans)
  3. News and new releases section
  4. Newspapers
  5. Auditorium[In French only]
  6. Indoor access to the Berri-UQAM metro station
    Access to underground parking
  1. Espace Jeunes(children’s section) [In French only]
  2. Théâtre Inimagimô
  3. Centre québécois de ressources en littérature pour la jeunesse (Québec centre for children’s literature resources)
  4. Conference centre[In French only]
  5. Programming room[In French only]
  6. Exhibition hall